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5 Michael Power Place #2308— Toronto, Ontario





Size834 Square Feet

IntersectionBloor / Islington

Offered for sale at$575,000.00

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

— Make room for more!

Nest into this 834 square foot home in the air with its two bedrooms and two bathrooms. A picture perfect traditional unit with great split bedroom layout and contemporary touches, ready for you to settle in and stay.

Quiet & private but still fun & flexible, this unit is practical to its end without sacrificing style. Separate bedrooms and a master with an ensuite. A true chef’s kitchen with great stainless steel appliances and breakfast bar. Updated laminate flooring throughout the living areas & modern lighting fixtures. Fresh Benjamin Moore paint. Enclosed & tucked away laundry room & bathrooms out of sight from the living spaces.

And the cherry on top, Unit 2308 has an enviable clear view of the city & CN Tower from the master bedroom.

This is all mere minutes’ walk to Islington Station & good eats. 5 Michael Power is next to dog & kid friendly parks, Islington Golf Course, and the rejuvenating Six Point Interchange.

This place on Michael Power is ready for you to embrace work-from-home life, to host your next (online) houseparty, or even if you’re gearing up for a new chapter in life. Don’t miss this one!

Top Features

Generous Split LayoutBedrooms are separated. Perfect to separate from a crying baby, roommate or to make a work-from-home commute

Incredible ViewsThe master bedroom has a clear view of the city and CN Tower with incredible sunrises. Hello gorgeous!

TTC AccessOnly a few minutes’ walk to Islington station, parks and restaurants.

Enviable NeighbourhoodPet & family friendly building & parks nearby to enjoy the good weather. Neighbourhood events like Friday night street vendors nearby. Upcoming Six Points Interchange rejuvenation with pedestrian & cycling paths, parks, etc set to be completed by the end of 2020.Image[/cs_content_seo]